Quality Control & Testing Facilities


Quality system ISO 9001-2015 Certified

At EAMFCO, we realized long ago that our top priority is controlling the process that determines the quality of our products. From our Company President to our most recently hired employee, quality is a responsibility on every employee.

Quality Assurance Team

Because QA is the basis of the EAMFCO business philosophy, we employ a full time Quality Assurance engineer, who inspects each product at five designated points in the manufacturing process.

Our products are inspected following steel assembly prior to painting, after painting prior to individual component mounting, after individual component mounting prior to wiring, after wiring prior to testing, and again one final time before shipment to our customer.

The Quality Control Division is responsible and authorized to ensure that the final Product is in full accordance with the EAMFCO Quality Assurance Manual.

The manual outlines in detail the responsibility for order administration, document control, material procurement, material receiving and the inspection process, final inspections and testing.