EAMFCO Drawout Motor Control Center MCC

A range of quality motor control center (MCC) panels are also manufactured by us. These are made of Premium grade components to ensure optimum performance. We provide different kinds of starters, such as the automatic star delta, the direction-liner, the soft starter, variable frequency drives and others.

We have designed and fabricated these systems as per the advanced technologies and modular construction with flexible bus designs. This provides the system with easy construction, installation, and operability.

EAMFCO Motor Control Center MCC
  • Constructed with individual motor starter sections up to Form 4b
  • Connected from the top, the bottom or the side of the panel
  • Manufactured with a Cable connecting compartment
  • Ensured high personnel safety
  • Completely free option of selection of electrical components
  • Free choice regarding height, width and depth
  • Both front and rear side accessibility option