Automatic transfer switches are used to automatically change over from the main electrical supply to stand-by generators or generate on failure of the main supply.

When the main supply is restored, the system automatically changes back and stops the generator. The stand-by generator will eventually be shut down after a short cooling down period.

These panels are provided with mechanically or electrically interlocked pole contactors or MCCB.

And are:

  • Operated both automatically and manually.
  • Employ a Breaker closing time delay instilled in order to avoid current and voltage surges.
  • Employ automated sensing for:
    • Under voltage
    • Phase failure
    • Phase sequence
  • Instilled with Generator start/stop commands
  • And Indicate:
    • Incoming voltage
    • Engine running/faulty conditions
    • MCCB On/Trip conditions
  • Engine tests run position for routine test of engines.
  • Status signals for remote indications.