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We design our panels with the experience gained from installation contracts kept in mind. This results in safety assurance concerning the operating personnel, safety of the equipment, ease of maintenance, installation and commissioning. The design incorporates a series of safety and convenience features, which meet the requirements of international standards along with compliance to the local standards and requirements. We offer a wide range of power distribution panels that are used to distribute direct current power from one supply to other devices, with their main task in the power distribution panel being to monitor and protect the systems.
  • Custom Design
  • Bus bar rating up to 4000A
  • Cubicle type compartmentalized construction
  • Free standing, floor mounting
  • Extendable on both sides
  • Cable entry from top or bottom
  • Up to form-4 construction
  • Front and Rear Access
  • Single-Double Bus bar System
  • Auto Source change over
  • PLC Logic for source change over
  • Distribution panels suitable for outdoor installations