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EAMFCO is a leading manufacturer of Low Voltage Electrical Panel Board in Saudi Arabia.  Our company is professionally managed with over-qualified, experienced and trained personnel, modern equipment, and High quality maintained production facilities. The company started as a small assembly unit in 1975, building a solid reputation over the years and an infrastructure to take pride in today. EAMFCO is a company with an area exceeding 12000 sqm and we manufacture, test, and successfully commissioned in all kinds of Low Voltage panels, up to 6300A ratings. The superior part of our services is being prompt and accurate delivery and in our client satisfaction at every stage.


We build as per Standard and customer requirements


Awarded ISO 9001 quality mark since 2002


We are authorized Panel builder, test & supply…


have earned a well-respected list of clients from various kinds of industries such as the engineering industry, the chemical industry, the petroleum industry, as well as hospitals, universities, and residential projects. EAMFCO is concerned with the manufacturing and assembly of Low Voltage-type tested panels, switchboards, MCC panels, APFC Panels, Generators Synchronization Panels, ATS Panels, Unit & Package Substations, Switch Racks, Final Distribution Panels, and Control Panelboards. Having obtained a worldly experience to the conventions of modern technology and strategic planning techniques, the company manufactures advanced-quality and sophisticated control panels and switchgear. The products are manufactured using state of the art machinery, tools, and equipment’s with the help of expert engineers and technicians.

about us
about us


To begin with, the upper-level management at EAMFCO defines, documents the Policy and Objectives and commitments to quality in our products. Our Company Officer guarantee the QA policy is understood, implemented and well maintained at all levels in the organization, and because they are positive about us, our employees are dedicated to build and manufacture quality products, our officers have authorized specific responsibilities and the authority to implement the company’s quality assurance upon certain individuals.



To manufacture and supply high quality Low Voltage Panel as per our management system that has been certified as ISO 9001-2015. We have designed and manufacture as per standard to various kinds of Low Voltage Panels to custom requirements, employing cost effective measures in the design and manufacturing of the panels in order to maintain competitiveness.


Is to focus on achieving and maintaining an annual steady elevating growth of business by implementing customer oriented strategies as well as flexible, progressive, reliable and competitive company policies.


today and for the future, our goals is to achieve and maintaining the reliable products/services targeting customers that value the reliability. This could indicate the on-time reliability of our products or the dependable reliability of a high-quality output.