Blokset solutions combine industry-leading features and designs with Schneider Electric support to make implementation and operation quick and reliable so that you can lower costs and realize a faster return on your investment. A fully functional switchboard with built-in intelligence for energy efficiency, Blokset is a simple and modular solution. It is easy to choose, intuitive to use, cost effective, and simple to install and upgrade.

schneider blokset
Blokset Testing

With Blokset, is never left to chance 

From conception through design, installation, and everyday operation, you can count on our commitment to maximize safety.

Withdrawable drawers have three interlocked positions – connected, test, and disconnected, plus drawer stop – to improve operator safety when connecting and testing.

Fast, stress-free installation, upgrading, and maintenance

Single front or double front access thanks to back-to-back configuration, top or bottom direct power connections, rear or side power connections for easy installation. Plus, standardized dimensions and an optimized footprint save time and money during installation.

schneider blokset