Quality Control & Testing Facilities

ISO 9001

Quality system ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Quality control & testing facilities is our top priority is controlling the process that determines the quality of our products. From our Company President to our most recently hired employee, quality is a responsibility on every employee.
ISO EMS-OHSAS Certificate

Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSAS) and Environmental Management System (EMS) Certification



This system is proven to enable a business to be pro-active rather then re-active when approaching health and safety, therefore more effectively protecting the health and welfare of your workforce on an on-going basis. OH & SM provides a process driven approach to controlling and monitoring risks that can arise from the company’s day to day activities. The system is proven to help business owners and managers be more aware of their legal and regulatory accountabilities and assist them in identifying and control the associated risks. By obtaining the OH & SM Certification you can prove to your stakeholders, customers and staff that you are aware of your health and safety obligations and are looking to minimize any risks.



An ISO 14001 environmental management system is a systematic and process driven approach to controlling those aspects of your business that have a significant impact on the environment. The system is proven to make business owners and managers be more aware of their environmental responsibilities, including legal and regulatory accountabilities, and being able to manage and control the associated risks. An environmental management system can be applied to any business of any size, in any given sector, to demonstrate the company’s commitments to on-going environmental issues both on a local and national scale. More specifically it can help you reduce your waste and carbon footprint significantly, therefore lowering you environmental liability.

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Quality Assurance Team

Because QA is the basis of the EAMFCO quality control & testing facilities business philosophy, we employ a full time Quality Assurance engineer, who inspects each product at five designated points in the manufacturing process.

After the product is fabricated and assembled it will handed in the painting department and it will begin inspecting by QA/QC then it will come to final assembly in the electrical department then the finish product shall be offered for inspection and testing.

The Quality Control Division is responsible and authorized to ensure that the final Product is in full accordance with the EAMFCO Quality Assurance Manual.