Final distribution board and power distribution panels successfully serve the purpose of distributing power for the lighting system of panels. It contains protective devices, which protect final circuits such as lighting & power circuits.

These power distribution panels are manufactured by our team of diligent professionals who have years of experience, furthermore, these panels are quality tested in accordance to precisely defined parameters before being delivered to our clients. Distribution Board is a panel from where electrical energy is taken out to distribute power to various consumer points. It typically has a single or multiple incoming power sources and includes circuit breakers and protection devices. MDB then feeds SMDBs, which is installed generally at the point where a large distribution cable terminates and several smaller sub-circuits start. ​

The Sub-Main Distribution Boards feeds the Final Distribution Board, which then feeds electrical energy to the end user.

Final Distribution Board are designed to distribute power safely and reliably in low-voltage electrical systems and ensure protection that is essential for electrical circuits and devices.

  • EAMFCO Custom- built distribution boards are available in range from 100A to 400A, 415/240/120VAC
  • Available from 6 way to 72 way
  • RCD (Residual-Current Devices) or RCBO
  • (Residual Current Breakers with over current protection) can also be instilled.
  • Protection Degree: IP 42, IP 55, IP 65
  • Manufactured with flush and surface mounting
  • Finished with polyester epoxy powder paint RAL 7032 (Other colors available on request)