Low Voltage Switch Board cover a wide range of switch boards for various purposes. The switch boards are suited for the demanding needs of industries, power plants, and the energy of utilities and various buildings. EAMFCO Low Voltage switch board are engineered and manufactured in accordance with the customer’s requirements. In EAMFCO we pay special attention to safety, reliability, ease of installation and usability.

EAMFCO switch boards are manufactured with normal ratings, up to 6300A, with installed feeder sections and bus-coupler arrangements also at your disposal. Alongside that, Bus duct arrangements to transformers or interval panel sections can also be fabricated.

All the functions of a main electrical distribution for the supplied area assigned to it and where the voltage is measured for operating the electric supply system for safety services. MDB distribute electrical energy between the distribution and final circuits connected to it in the entire electrical installation of a building.

The Main Distribution Panel Board is the most essential component of a Power Distribution System. Although the submission of the electrical energy through a Power Distribution System also involves Sub Main Distribution Boards (SMDBs) and Final Distribution Boards, the main distribution panelboard holds the most importance.

Our Switch boards are built to satisfy our customer as it is well prepared and inspected by our engineers. This Distribution Panel project includes high quality circuits breakers with panel socket products which can withstand in the toughest condition.

Low Voltage Switch Board