Type tested panel board are designed and assembled by EAMFCO to fulfill client’s requirements.

EAMFCO also manufactures a range of partially and fully type tested panel board in accordance to market-leading modular construction systems, cubic modular systems, Schneider Prisma Plus, and ABB ArTu, in order to accommodate all your requirements.


Al Moosa Hospital North Tower

We manufactures main and sub-main distribution boards with ratings from 250A to 4000A in varying forms of separation from form2 to form4.

All switch board assemblies comply with the IEC 60-439 standard. Different sizes for optimal use of the spaces available. Great savings in storage space is ensured by the rapid assembly kit containing so few pieces that skilled personnel is not required

Type tested panel have long guaranteed the durability and availability of several thousands of installations all over the world. Tried and tested reliability, overall performance.